Crowd Computing Research Group

At the university of Oulu, Finland

We investigate distributed forms of work, where the tasks are too challenging for computers alone.

Given the rapid advances in AI, we think it is imperative to identify and harness the unique aspects of human cognition and develop ways for humans and algorithms to collaborate seamlessly across different domains. 

Digital Health

We study and develop solutions for tracking, monitoring and helping people with variously chronic and challenging medical conditions. 


We work with the crowds in many ways: Basic research on how the modern labour markets operate and applied research where we employ the crowds in a plethora of applied use cases online. 

Social Computing

We work with different systems that either foster our human behaviours (e.g. empathy) or leverage sociality as a building block in encouraging contributions to open science. 

Here is our awesome team

Simo Hosio

Associate professor, academy research fellow

Digital Health, Crowdsourcing

aku visuri

academy research fellow

Mobile Health

saba kheirinejad

doctoral researcher

Mobile Health

junhao li

doctoral researcher,

Critical reading skills

ville paananen

doctoral researcher

Spatial empathy

mahmoud badri

doctoral researcher

Crowdsourcing health data

nazanin Nakhaie ahooie

research assistant

Critical reading skills

daniel szabo

research assistant

Social robotics

katri säily

doctoral researcher

Mobile health


  • Dr. Denzil Ferreira
  • Dr. Kennedy Opoku Asare
  • Achira Hendalage
  • Kavindu Magalage
  • Dr. Andy Alorwu
  • Dr. Sharadhi Suryanarayana
  • Joonas Moilanen

more alumni...

  • Danial Khaledi
  • Piushana Abeygunawardena
  • Maha Eldamnhory
  • Eetu Huusko
  • Sina Kiarostami
  • Dr. Elina Kuosmanen
  • Dr. Jonas Oppenlaender

Contact us

Visit us at the University of Oulu:

Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 3. Tietotalo 1, Entrance E Linnanmaa 90570 Oulu

Or email: